The reversed Ten of Pentacles (Cross Spread)

The reversed Ten of Pentacles

The reversed Ten of Pentacles suggests that there is an obstacle to the beautiful and happy family portrayed in the upright Ten of Pentacles. The safety and stability of the family, marriage or the financial aspect has been undermined and that feeling of stability is gone. Sometimes it can mean that a marriage has ended recently and is now experiencing a removal process. In other cases, it may suggest that this is nothing but a temporary situation and there still are possibilities to get it back on track.
The reversed Ten of Pentacles is about financial failure. This card represents lack of resources, difficulties with investments or a financial loss. Despite the amount of effort and time, there seems to be several limitations to future success because of unsolid foundations. In some cases, this card suggests money related problems like fear about finances and fights over property. It could imply that you are tormented by financial responsibilities and burdens.
In a relationship reading, when the relationship is new, this card suggests that although you are eager to develop this relationship, you are not completely certain that it has potential for a long-term development and you might be questioning if your partner has the material to be a husband/Wife.