The reversed Three of Pentacles (Cross Spread)

The reversed Three of Pentacles

The reversed Three of Pentacles can indicate a lack of teamwork, where people are competing against each other and try to show who knows the most. Maybe you are trying to work with others but the tension levels are increasing because everyone is trying to take control over the group, and this affects the harmony of the people.
If you depend on the cooperation of others, it may be a good time to get rid of your current group and join another one. The lack of teamwork and harmony may have a negative impact on your performance. It might be best to move on at this moment.
This card suggests you are looking for more respect at work. You have had to listen to the feedback and opinions of your superiors but now you are growing uneasy with always receiving advice instead of giving it. You might want to work in a place where you are regarded as the leader or expert, where you have a chance to express your opinion and be heard.
The Three of Pentacles reversed can also indicate that you are working in a somewhat ordinary job, where your experience and contributions are not really valued. You do not have a great opportunity for progress and growth, and you feel as if you are wasting your skills and capabilities. It might be a good time to make a move and change careers, find a place
where your skills are more appreciated.