The Ten of Cups reversed (Cross Spread)

The Ten of Cups reversed

Reversed, the Ten of Cups might suggest something is blocking the connection within a happy family with love and respect. Maybe you were hoping for some quality time with someone you love but it looks as if everything is bursting at the seams. You might be arguing, not really caring or respecting each other. Try to treat each other with love and respect to bring harmony and peace back to your relationship.
The Ten of Cups reversed can also highlight when there is a misalignment of personal values. You are not living by your personal values and you are not being true to yourself. Others are determining what will make you happy instead of looking for a source of fulfilment within yourself. Hence, you question yourself if you truly believe in what you are doing.
This card also suggests that you are neglecting your family whilst pursuing material goals such as making money. You are unbalanced in terms of work/life. Should you continue to neglect others, relationships will suffer and you will likely not achieve the sense of happiness you are looking for.