World reversed (Cross Spread)

World reversed

Reversed, the World suggests that you are trying to achieve completion in your life but you may not be taking all the steps necessary to attain your goals. The tendency to take the easiest road to achieve your goal often does not lead to the originally intended result. Rather, by facing up to the challenges that come along the way, you will grow and learn and feel an incredible sense of attainment when you finally achieve your goal.
The reversed World can also indicate a time when you are close to reaching completion but for whatever reason, you lose focus and relax right at the end. There is only a short way to go, why should you lose focus now? Reinvigorate yourself and remind yourself how wonderful life will be when you have finally reached your goal.
You may also be experiencing a lack of closure in your life, preventing you from starting the next journey or challenge. If you see the reversed World in a reading, look to the other cards in the reading to identify what needs to be closed and how you can finally reach your point of attainment.
Sometimes, this card indicates that change will be delayed and that you need to devote more energy and time to the Project before you can attain it. It might be very frustrating, but perseverance and patience will surely pay off in the end. You may feel held back or trapped, but do not surrender. Remain steadfast for now.