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If we were asked to choose and give the answer to our life, we would certainly say YES.
Yes to our past or our story, yes to our present due to all beautiful things of life such as family, health, our friends, our community and yes also to future for all that is to come, and for every new day that is a new possibility given by God to be kinder, more complete and generous.
We always have the chance to deny what happens every day, but that would be a waste of time, it would be to go against our own reality; it would be like trying to paddle against the tide, at some point our strength shall weaken and we will have to give up to what fate has prepared for our lives.
You can be a man or a woman, have a certain height, come from a certain place, have a certain eye color... they are the cards we have been given on this game we must play and know when to play them; just like it happens with the tarot spreads or rune.
We must accept what we have been given. Cards always have a meaning, and as they come up and interrelate with others, options will be different. We already know that usually society is unfair and disproportionate and there is nothing we can do about it but simply know how to interpret external signals and play the cards according to what we believe.
The great freedom of being able to decide when to take one decision or another lies in feeling that energy flowing through our body and transmit it to the people around ourselves and who feel close to us.
When we say yes to our life, at that exact moment of birth, we accept, at any rate, that we start to change the present and build the immediate future; not only for ourselves but also from our family and loved ones. Taking over the reins of our own lives means we have to accept certain things, and in part, give up, but we also have the freedom of not doing what is programmed and build our own personal story.
Our evolutionary impulse and our consciousness take us to improve what we find along the way, to "design" more effective solutions according to our abilities and thus, maintain a natural balance at all times. This is why it is impossible to deny reality; we cannot turn our backs to it. Accept every moment without beating around the bush; be constantly willing to overcome those rough moments that are so difficult to accept, with what you have and what you don't have. From this perspective, every moment contains an endless beauty; even if we are not able to appreciate it, do not let the opportunity slip away from your hands.
You will discover through the tarot spreads how everything falls into place almost unnoticeably for your mind, and how strength, spirituality and joy are regenerated.
Find out what is your mandate in life, and you will feel the energy of God and the universe flow free without any concern or suffering.