Economy card reading

Nature, CREATOR and maker of human beings, is also the creator of our environment. That is why human beings crave to know and try to understand what happens in their lives and their environment.
This craving for knowledge has been represented in the different gods of mythology and the different religions such as Christianity with OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, which gave a symbol of knowledge to the Western world.
That knowledge was replaced by men that, disregarding nature's wisdom, have gone deep into the creation of knowledge as such.
This form of knowledge is where the tireless desire for conquering and controlling the physical world join together. Two deeply intertwined features that divide reality into several topics.
The phenomenon of knowledge exponentially replicated that it seem as if we are sailing through and endless sea of unattainable information. Therefore, knowledge grows and expands but is also lost.
In this scenario, the expert has replaced the wiseman or universal master. A person how has a good knowledge of a topic and is really updated.
This knowledge can always be recovered somehow; by reaching our ancestors, spirits that walk around us every day and which a few privileged ones have the ability to connect with them, and thus receive their wisdom.
The possibility to connect with that universal wisdom can take place through the tarot cards readings, a universal knowledge handed down from generation to generation, from parents to children, and you can enquire and know more about it without having that gift.
For instance, you can ask what you deem necessary to the Major Arcana, which will give answers or clues to those thing you do not know how to solve and which are causing a conflict or represent an obstacle.
We know from experience that clarity, as ancient wisemen would say, gives knowledge of things as they are. That is when universal knowledge comes out to light, and explains and leads the person to the right path.
The phrase "know yourself" suddenly makes a lot of sense. Knowing our mind and our own energy to go beyond the limits, and to be able to sail through the different roads of the universe.
Through fortune-telling, you shall be able to reach the thresholds of knowledge, a task that is indeed not easy but not impossible.