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The current problem mankind faces is to find a balance between happiness and what we all should be in this life. A clear example is when we received love, affection, and when we really find true happiness in our life, or in a specific moment of our lives when we give love.
It seems paradoxical that human beings find the peak of their happiness when they give something so beautiful and profound such as love, and not when they receive it. This, partially, explains our kind and generous nature with our fellows, and how it influences on our daily wellbeing to know we are being as we are naturally meant to be; the reason why we are at this place and time.
How our being gleams with joy and harmony recovers its power and sense. What is truly valuable is to give love, to stop looking for it and know that everybody on this world and time we are living on earth has a special person that will give them happiness, peace and balance we naturally need to be in harmony with the divine and universal energy.
We usually interpret love as passion, sex, excess, and that is when we can never find the true sense of loving. This is only but a demonstration of panic produced by discovering the essence of something so strong and powerful as love.
It is a fear so deep and intense that renders us unable to acknowledge we are beings so powerful and with so much energy; what brings about this feeling is not darkness but our own light that leaves us unable to recognize something so pure and primitive as love. It seems impossible that such a beautiful and powerful feeling can scare us, right? This is the moment where we will be closer to our essence, and the previous step to finding complete happiness.
Finding the true meaning of life lies in stop showing us as needy, deprived, dependent that constantly lack something to achieve supreme fulfillment and happiness.
Our own brightness is made up of what we own and comes with our own lives when we are born and due to the single fact of being on this earth.
This is the way to grow strong when we need to be helped to face life, to be strong, to give the love we are asked to give and to strengthen our own sense of existence. Having reached this moment, we will be able to say this event calls for an endless courage, since we will be face to face with ourselves, like a mirror that shows ourselves naked, unchained, unmasked, with no stances or appearances that are not really us.
This reason, along many others, is why we believe the tarot spreads are that support necessary at certain moments, and that can be inquired whenever you wish in a customized way just by providing your date of birth, and it is available 24/7.
You could discover through this online tarot reading how everything naturally falls into place, and love, which is the fuel of our spirit, shall always be plentiful in your life.
Don't wait any longer; have your online tarot reading whenever you need, for you and for all your loved ones.