Magic square

The aim of our life is to have a clear and transparent sight, since this will help us discover where our confusion and lack of clarity come from. Maybe we have not cultivated a sight to see that events taking place come from and go somewhere. Maybe we have not realized yet that life is not made up of fixed pictures or disordered instants, rather that everything, and ourselves inside is part of a process that mixes with other processes creating a network. We go from one situation to another without being aware of the path that joins them together. We find it hard and resist understanding the deeper processes, the insides of our thoughts, and the details of our desire. We have a resistance to complexity, challenges; we want things to be what they seem to be, and we prefer to accept and follow without paying much attention to details, accept without understanding implications, or embarking on a travel without knowing the destination. Hence, our ignorance has nothing to do with the amount of information we have. Our ignorance tries to confuse our most primitive nature with the image that we try to cast to our environment, and replaces reality with a set of fixed ideas about how the world and the people in it are. In this case, meditation teaches us to see beyond these figures, to recognize what is obvious and what is no, to check facts from our senses against proofs from reason. Every day we do not perceive the beauty of things around us because we do not look in detail. Seeing thoroughly is a way to reconstruct the whole. The events in our lives are just an appearance. The ability to see takes times, order, motivation, forgiveness as well as discipline. Therefore, when the storm comes to an end and tranquility settles, light undoubtedly shines.