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Every time we breathe, we nurture from the energy and vitality of that air we breathe. It is as if a "vital force" entered our body with every breath, and, conversely, empty with every expiration, and so on. Few people think about this, and are aware of the act of breathing, since it is something we do from the very moment we are born and in a mechanical way; but it should not be this way since our breathing becomes part of the air we breathe everyday together with other living beings, and thus share in another way and in another field: feelings, emotions and experiences from and every one of us.
That is why breathing is so important, and is what makes up the vital energy channels of your spirit.
Breathing is the daily equivalent to releasing and filling again with clean and renewed energy, what gives us the opportunity to be filled with vitality. It is an action that is constantly repeated without an end.
The air around us comes from the outside; it is external to the body and impregnates everything. It provides vitality to all living beings. It is always pure and fresh to renew us and to keep our bodies alive.
Planet earth is a big globe filled with air where all the living beings are lucky enough to be able to enjoy everything about it with no restrictions. Sky is the prettiest representation of what pure air could be as we have seen in many pictures, but it is also the hearthstone of our souls. Therefore, we will always be in contact, through air, with ourselves and with the rest.
All that light and shine in us depends on becoming aware and taking advantage of that blessing that is the privilege of being on this earth and living every day.
If we want to become better people, and change and help others we need to share this universal wisdom that life has given us. The joy of being alive, being able to breathe pure air every day given by nature, and being thankful for this and for every new day that is gifted.
From our website, we offer the possibility of practicing divination, cartomancy, and tarot knowing that they can greatly help you. Feel happy and blessed of being able to choose every day the path of your life that you like the most, and start walking it with honesty, joy and happiness so your loved ones can breathe that freshness brought by life.
You will feel how the energy freely flows through your spirit, unfastened; and your heart and soul will be strengthened again.
Keep always in mind that the universe conspires for everything that you wish for to happen, and thus, that contributes to the wellbeing and happiness of all living beings on earth.