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Surely we all have heard or asked ourselves the following question:
What should we do? Or What do I do know?
There is no single or unilateral answer, instead, the answer and attitude against that answer are related to the attitude we must adopt against a certain situation in our daily world or a situation we are facing.
It would seem as if we are facing the end of a cycle, the end of time in the history of humanity as a specie. The famous "Age of the Aquarium" seems to be an unattainable promise, intangible and na�ve, but we must be aware that our wellbeing and balance will depend on the answer and attitude against the initial question.
What "we must do" is something imposed by the society and the world we live in, which is full of injustice, evil, violence and abuse. Facing this situation, our answer to what we must be is to provide our two cents to help bring about the real change, and the history and future generations shall remember all the good we have done to revert the current situation.
If we compare our present situation with the past, we can say we have made some positive progress. Inequalities amongst the people have reduced although the gap between the rich and the poor seems to continue increasing. This is also why our answer to the question is: be generous, kind-hearted and share experiences, expectations, help with the community where we live in, provide our knowledge so others can make progress and thus improve our daily environment.
We must always start to change by ourselves, and from that perspective everything will look more positive and possible to achieve. We tend to ask ourselves with great clarity about our situation and the meaning of our lives, and about the next stage of evolution: That is why in the midst of this uncertainty the question arises: what should we do?
In part, and as help to answer this great questions that seems difficult to answer, at we offer you the possibility of finding out and asking the secrets and clues that tarot can provide your life with through the understanding from the card readings, numerology and runes of the past, present and future, as well as discovering if love will join your life with the love tarot, or to find out if your work expectations shall be fulfilled.
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You will see how your everyday life improves, and that of your environment, since you will discover those tiny great details of life and be ready for them, as long as you want to see reality in a new light. Ask now and start walking the road of happiness and harmony.