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In our lives, whenever we transform it into just an expectation, we forget about the spirit of love, kindness, compassion, brightness, and of all the pure and good things within ourselves.
When we carry out an action to be rewarded with a thank you, a smile or simply to be able to see the wellbeing of others, we are satisfying ourselves with something so elemental and nice such as the happiness of others. But when we expect to receive a materialistic reward for something we have done, we lose the sense of unity that lies within each and every being blessed by the light of God.
Both our upper self as well as our bottom self are the same with unified thoughts, with all the understanding of what we see, and this leads us back to our origins, and places us where we find ourselves in this exact moment.
Perspective will be subjected to a system of beliefs, what was taught about what is good and what is bad. Although this is what we call consciousness, when we practice our own common sense that tells us which things we have done wrong or not so wrong. At that moment, it is our consciousness that leads us to the path we must follow.
We must hold tight to that powerful light that resides within ourselves, which is the spirit of universal love that makes us grow like beams of everything around us, and start walking our own path with our own understanding and feelings.
That is why we must be grateful for every drop of water, every breath of life, be thankful for every action done by others, since in every being, every action you will find the wisdom that your soul needs to grow and improve. Do not turn everything around you into an expectation, in a life improvement plan; since you will be open to frustration, helplessness and the need to grow; and you will forget to enjoy every moment of this wonderful and dazzling life.
Remember that every breath we take, we inhale all the universe and process it under our personal and unique universe; our breathing system, exhaling what the Universe needs to continue existing.
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