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Reality is constantly present in every place, inside and outside, it joins us wherever we go and it is impossible to avoid it. It is a backpack we carry that we absolutely cannot get rid of.
Reality has a surface and a background. Therefore, we always perceive reality filtered by our knowledge, judgments, tastes and also our beliefs and superstitions. We always see what we want to see or what we can and are allowed to see; fear, desire or ignorance are critical factors to filter that reality around us.
If we are able to become aware that reality moves, it is not static; on the contrary, it is wholly dynamic. It transforms, changes, it is always different. We cannot fix it since we are within this reality, and therefore, we move and change although we do not want to.
Is reality going somewhere or is it simply aimlessly spinning?
Reality feeds back to evolve towards a certain place or objective. We are not aware of this since we are part of that reality as we have previously stated, but with our tiny daily acts, and those from all living beings on earth, we configure a real environment that makes this reality move towards a certain place. Everything is so perfectly connected that we could think of it as a machine with cogwheels but without the chance of breaking down; everything has its place and time set for things to happen.
Reality shows itself as those Russian dolls, where there is one inside another, and so on until getting to the tiniest point.
From the Big Bang up until now, reality has gone a long way, it had to overcome its own limits and move forth towards a destiny that none of the living beings on this planet knows, and that we always call destiny. Destiny is what we commonly say is already set, and that there is nothing we can do to fix or change it. But this is where we have to highlight that each and every one of us crafts every day his or her destiny, therefore, we are makers of our own destiny.
With the tarot spreads available at our website, you will get help to achieve the goals you have set, and every day you will be helping yourself to build that destiny, and, ultimately, the path you want to walk on.
You will be able to ask the cards whenever you feel necessary by just providing your date of birth; you will get the answers with a simple click.
You will find through the tarot cards, runes or numerology how everything fits naturally into place, and the objectives you have set start to be seen.
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