Your Magic Cross Spread

Our Arcana Tarot spreads and Viking runs will give you the guidance and assistance necessary in your life to be in harmony with the energy of the universe.
You must never work too hard with your card spread; it is always advised to go for the clear and simple interpretation of tarot cards to obtain clarity.
Have a card reading whenever you need it, every day, every week or month; it is not advisable to repeat card spreads consecutively, since it could give place to confusing and unclear situations to make decision.
All interpretations vary according to the perception of who carries out the spread, therefore, every tarot question is personal and private.
Our free online tarrot spreads give us the answers at those times when we are keen to know more about a certain situation, or when we are in doubt and cannot live in peace.
Remember to be always comfortable, focused, in an environment of harmony and serenity. It is also important to relax our mind to be receptive to messages transmitted by the online tarot figures.
We wish you harmony and peace on your journey.