Your three tarot cards reading

We might have wondered whether it is possible to talk with those parts of our mind that have never been woken up.
After enquiring several gurus regarding meditation, yoga, etcetera ,it is possible to say that we can, and we have the ability to communicate with those areas that were "asleep".
In order to do se, we need to know that we count on several basic premises:
A woken heart, open to new experiences and a pure consciousness free of any guilt or burden that tie us to past events.
This gives us the opportunity to have a friendlier vision with what is important.
In the Zen culture, the term for this sight is "kensho", a Japanese word that means "watching our own true nature".
It is an experience of divine clarity and enlighten where we can find out aspects and remember facts we were not aware of having experienced, and particularly find ourselves in a different way.
This will provide us with a different perspective of our being on time/space. In the very same moment I acknowledge and confirm that I am, I stop identifying myself with that being and start identifying with something new, fresh, young, pure; and this new position lets me see and have new experiences.
This will allow me to realize that there is nothing that is not me, and I encompass and understand everything.
It is a way of immediate awakening to other "dimension".
We learn to be completely functional human beings capable of acting from a position of perception and true love. And, in the end, that is really what the true objective is all about. It is the objective of Buddhism, of every large religion and wisdom traditions.
We are knocking our own consciousness' doors, our alma mater, the origins; we are connecting with the roots of our great tree that gives us life and divine energy to live and enjoy this life. We realize we are part of nature, and that we are more linked to animals, rivers, mountains, air and all the elements around us every day. Hence it is important that we wake up and act with wisdom, compassion, love and awareness.
This path is not easy for any of us who has to meet different obligations from work, family, etcetera, that is why at we offer a great extra help for this path, that is the tarot spread, runes, numerology or horoscope. You will be able to ask at any moment to decode which are the right paths to choose at every moment in your life.
Whenever you find it necessary, you will be able to ask about any topic that you would like to know more in depth by just providing your date of birth, 24/7.
Find out through the major arcana and the minor arcana how everything falls into place and adjusts in a naturel way according to the divine energy and the objectives you have set for yourself will be easier to see.
Ask now FOR FREE for yourself and all those around you on this beautiful path that is life.