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Through meditation we look for extraordinary and sublime experiences, and we try to find new emotions that we had never felt before. An oasis of peace where everything we experience and feel is idyllic, the closes thing to heaven. Many people after having their first meditation experience feel scared since our bodies get rid of all material things that bind us to earth, and our mind takes hold of physical things, and our body has no longer any kind of material link with the environment. Thus, it is not strange that many people quit this practice. We can say that meditation is the fight against our ego; consciousness that is almost a permanent prisoner of ego, and the objective is to release that energy to find the most pure and primitive fulfillment that lies within each and one of us. Through the ego we understand in a simple way the strategy of the meditative stance, which feigns death. That is why it is so difficult for human beings to connect with this kind of practice in their everyday life. Meditation forces us to be immobile, immutable, with our hands together in a symbolic gesture, with our eyes shut or half-shut, and with the tongue stuck to the palate. It is a feeling really similar to not breathing, which in turn is similar to being on the other side. After some minutes of curiosity, the self is trapped, tied and unable to neither move nor escape. Our brain tricks is in order to escape with banal thoughts and by bringing in fleeting thought to find a way out before meditation begins. The meditative stance is a trap for the ego, a clamp to stop the constant escape of a present that torments and threatens it, particularly for those who are afraid of death and who do not accept that fate, since they do not what lies after. We cannot live without an ego, without an individual consciousness built into the social environment; it is not about annulling the ego, but rather reeducating it, guide it towards what really make us feel happy and in harmony with ourselves. It must learn to consent, and not to control in a neurotic way, and also to listen instead of criticize. It must not be bound to the earthly world; it must trust and not be on the defensive. Lastly, and the most difficult thing, it must learn to love and not make war against everybody all the time, and with all that is not in harmony with what the social world demands every day. To help you "educate" and direct your self, we count on as an extra help to meditation, that is, the wisdom of the tarot cards. You could feel how everything flows freely, and how your strength, your divine energy is reborn together with a life filled with joy, love happiness and fulfillment. This is life's mandate, what each and one of us is asked for, to be true to ourselves and have the ability to transmit it and share it with those around us every day.It's time to check what kind of psychic readings this site can bring you to try to solve your questions. This tarot card reading is not the only one. Find your answers!