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After discovering our true essence and what we want to be as people, both for ourselves as well as for others; we need to ask ourselves what to do in order to change and accompany that change in our life. We should start with the closest and most tangible thing, that is, our body. Our body is always in the present, today, ready to receive the information of what happens at all times in order to adapt to that reality, whether it be social family, work, environment, everything that surrounds us. Thus, we must be present to really discover what we feel, what happens to us; beyond the external restrictions or restriction from our past that "force" us to be what we really don't want to, and therefore, in many cases we have taken roles and stances that do not resemble at all our being or essence. Our body can tell us what we feel, what we don't like, what is good for us even when our mind and thoughts want to deny it to keep our image; we would be in an incompatible situation with emotions. We count with different "means" to acknowledge this, and one of them would be the light of consciousness, which would tell us what we really want and feel, and therefore, we would be able to discover the reason behind certain mistaken ideas from our past on certain topics, situations or feelings festered within our memory and impossible to get rid of. If we can do this introspection exercises, and change past ideas, we would evolve and become more coherent with ourselves and our daily environment. For instance, meditation teaches us to direct our attention to what is happening at present, and this locate us outside of our habits acquired throughout our life. Experiencing true freedom involves updating our view, it opens new doors to experience feelings and have different perspectives. If you are facing this challenge of correcting your perception, you can also count with the support of fortune tellers and free card readings. These would help you see clearly what is positive and what is not for your life, and what is clearly against your true essence. Psychic readings are customized and available 24/7 just by providing your date of birth. Daily situations that can be overwhelming such as a family fight, relationships, lack of money and a damaged self-esteem can be much easier to bear by enquiring our 5 cards free psychic reading or our love spread. They are all additional support in our path to change. The energy of the universe shall always be on your side, and when you really desire it, everything will take place the way is has been written. Our fate depends entirely on ourselves and our everyday actions, always blessed by the light of God.